STAR WARS: Pendulum of Greed

The preservation of Galactic equality comes at a greater price than imaginable.

A duo of unguided padawans, fated to stand in the reckless wake of a dark coalition whose influence is welling.

A few beings of the force stand at near crossroads, beside the jedi. They are woven among shatterpoints these few wield powers to resolve the conflict.
I hope to incorporate.

Hand lined illustrations (digitally colored)

“Star Wars Miniatures” will be used to represent combat; and hand drawn maps for battle scenes, and possibly a few 3-d maps or structures to accompany the miniature figures.

PowerPoints to closely represent data-screens

Pre-recorded voice acting for transitions or comlink messages …

Forced Perception Diagrams using a composite of medias all with a fixed viewpiont so that I can insert the players into the PC’s eyes…

Will take place pre-clone war(s) Possibly beyond it starting a few months or so after the :Invasion of Naboo"

ENTIRE CAMPAIGN (Trilogy format):

31bby – 20bby

Movie one:
Part 1; “Kragg’s Troves: Pendulum of Greed”
Part 2; “Kragg’s Troves: Rise of Darkmatter”
Part 3; Face of Fury (Ending the Initiator)

Movie two:
Part 1; Stirrings/emulates of iniquity: Republic Defiance
Part 2; In the wake of the Darkmatter
Part 2.5 (transport of the crate)
Part 3; “Operation: Summit”

Movie Three:
Part 1; Dissolved and waning arms
Part 2; Passing Cataclysms
Part 3; Snuff-out the Renegades
Part 4; the unnamed final driven blow against the remainders and intel-operations on converging clans….

Star Wars: Pendulum Of Greed