Cordile Noake

Tall, well built, cunning Duros with a mutant gene giving him traits akin to many Nemiodians. Once contending of the Viggo status.


He undermined half a dozen Nar Shadda gangs and eventually was hired by Black Sun after his expliots and success crossed paths with the organization.

When Black Sun approached him he rose up by the same means as he had among the gang members befriending a small fraction of the lesser patrons and arms that made the business possible. These friendships proved him even more power and influence many of his lifetime friends would gladly risk life and limb to see him become a grand viggo or just insure him the chance, he called favors upon them scarcely but he always repaid them well. And an elite few fallowed him as a personal cabinet, adapting to his rank with close positions that he could utilize their talents and drive. In contrast to his debts of friendship he also had a reclusive side that he hid behind which he found more comfortable. He hid hours alone studying masses of files and taking personal business voyages to find directly what truths lay hidden in shadow. He was social when needed and shrewd and vicious in accordance as well. His persona held a ideal Viggo in every way. His mind was always moving and calculating the smallest degrees. He knew to research every single business transactions and their weight held opposite his goal’s; and he held the cunning heart and diplomatic ego of the best senators. All this atop his utilization of a personal team of information brokers the best assets to knowledge and contacts in the galaxy; making him second best to none. By the most recent accounts he had become a contender of the “Vigo” status he turned the position down around the time of the mass vigo slaughter. Because of this, many think he arranged their murders. He had already jumped off-world and has never been heard of since around the organization.

He’s now presumed dead.

Cordile Noake

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